You were not expecting this – perhaps you want the problem to disappear... 

We understand if you feel overwhelmed and maybe wish that you could rewind to how things were, or even fast forward to a time when you would celebrate this news.

Have you thought about how you may feel in a few days? You may soon see things very differently. What about months or a year ahead? 

Am I pregnant?

First things first... If you have been sexually active and think you might be pregnant – take a pregnancy test. See FAQ for more.

Worried or have questions? We are here to listen and offer help, please:

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Why are you calling it my baby?

Some may tell you it's just tissue, but is this true?

If it's growing then it's alive. If it's not your baby – then what shall we call it? See FAQ for more.

We want to carefully use honest language with you. 

Medically – from 4 weeks (since LMP*) the NHS refers to 'you and your baby... ', and advises '... smoking when you are pregnant harms your unborn baby.'

Socially – many pregnant mothers wear 'Baby on board' badges.

Whatever the challenges of your changing circumstances, a baby is always a baby.

Did you know that from fertilisation, your baby has its own unique genome (DNA code)? Eye colour and thousands of other characteristics – different to you.

 'After fertilisation has taken place a new human being has come into being.' Dr Jerome Le Jeune, Professor of Genetics, University of Descartes, Paris.

My Baby – some amazing highlights

  • 3 weeks and 1 day – heart starts to beat
  • 6 weeks – brain waves can be detected 
  • 7 weeks – can move its legs and arms
  • 8 weeks – every organ is present
  • 9 weeks – sighs, yawns and stretches
  • 10 weeks – nails and fingerprints appear

Timing from fertilisation, source: EHD

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What will you decide?

There's a little body inside your body – you didn't plan or want this. Now you have a decision to make:

  • Let your baby grow – continue 
  • End your baby's life – intervene

Not all decisions are equal. This one is about your son or daughter.

Are you under pressure to make a decision? See what difference the offer of more information and support can make:

How would abortion affect my body?

We cannot say what the effects of abortion would be on you personally but encourage you to consider the risks.


Medical abortion:

Very common side effects – include bleeding and pain. 

Complications – include heavy bleeding or incomplete abortion.

Surgical abortion:

Risks additional to the above – include increased risk of infection and injury to the womb or cervix.


How might you feel afterwards?

Potential risks soon or years after include sadness, depression, anxiety, guilt, anniversary grief and flashbacks.

Academic studies link abortion to an increased risk of health problems. Strongly debated, yet clearly they highlight concerns. 


Many voices, including famous names, speak loudly for abortion. But have you heard the stories of deep pain and sorrow? For some the regret is total (others are still pro-abortion).

To hear more search online ‘I regret my abortion’ or ‘shout your abortion regret’ (for example).


* LMP – last menstrual period