Struggling with the news, you might feel pressure to act quickly

Take time to know more of the facts. How informed are you on abortion procedures?

Medical abortion Drugs are used to starve your baby and then induce labour to pass your dead baby.

Surgical abortion Instruments are used to cut or crush your baby and then remove them from the womb.

Induction abortion A lethal injection is used to stop your baby’s heart. Then labour is induced to deliver your dead baby.

We understand if you want the problem to disappear... but every abortion ends a human life. We are here to listen and offer help, please:

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1st trimester

Medical abortion

Abortion pills

Surgical abortion

Vacuum (suction) aspiration 

2nd trimester

Surgical abortion

Dilation and Evacuation (D&E)

3rd trimester

Induction Abortion

Injection and stillbirth

If you are suffering distress after abortion, find friendship with others recovering, and peace and hope in Jesus: Post Abortion Support for Everyone – PASE