What will you choose – hope or despair?

Many women tell us that one loving voice saying, 'You can do this!' and offering support, would have made all the difference.

Women of hope...

Kath's journey

'I lost my baby to abortion in 2000.

This tiny little thing inside you they call a fetus is a baby, alive and growing. They say ending its life does not increase the risk of mental health issues… well, in my case, they were wrong. It was an extremely hard time, many years of feeling lost, alone, isolated, and depressed.

I was in a long-term relationship that ended in 2004, it was toxic, quite up and down. (I am a single mum to two adult children, and we have a particularly good relationship with each other.) However, in the same year, I became a Christian – Praise God. It has been a long road, one worth walking.

I don’t think I have got enough room to say how Jesus has impacted my life! He is my everything. He has brought me into wholeness, freedom and peace. I am a daughter of the Highest. Rescued, Redeemed, Restored and Forgiven.

You are not alone, you can do this. You’re stronger than you know!'

Charlotte's journey

'As a teenager, being high was a way of life, as was sex, conflict and skipping school. But I was also creative, sporty, passionate and got on well with my mum.

In the year 2000, shortly after turning 16, I lost my baby to abortion.

I had been in a serious relationship with a boyfriend for a number of years. I fell pregnant. Of course, shortly after our abortion, the relationship ended.

It was many years before I was able to place the dreadful feeling that, though not always present, had never left me – loss. I was not a Christian when I had the abortion, but years later when I was and I understood what had happened, God met me amidst the tears and the grief. God forgave me, loved me and He has healed me.

If only one person had told me I was strong enough, that I could be a great mum, that it wasn't true that my parents would kill me, then maybe, just maybe, I would've been empowered to keep my baby. If only I could've seen the truth and the reality of abortion.

I want to empower everyone to know what abortion is and what it does to all involved, to offer the hope of Jesus Christ. God loves you and you are not alone.'

Pauline's journey

'I was born in London in the mid 1940’s, into a large family. I was married and although we loved one another, there wasn’t the closeness and strength we needed when the doctors recommended that I have an abortion.

I was 24 years old when I allowed my baby to die.

I kept it a secret for a while. The grief and confusion were like an explosion that left me shattered. I was very drawn to death but knew that I had to survive for my 1 year old boy. After a year I was admitted to a mental hospital.

In my despair I turned to Jesus. I had been afraid of God because I felt so guilty. But Jesus rescued me.

Although my marriage ended, since understanding how the death of our baby affected us both, there has been a lot of healing for us. I founded Post Abortion Support for Everyone (PASE) to see healing and restoration in the lives of others. These, and many more come to realise that they made a tragic mistake, believing the lies about abortion, allowing their instincts to be silenced – but there is hope for you.'

Antoinette's journey

'I was born in South Africa, with hardworking parents who brought us up with Christian values – love and respect.

I lost my baby to abortion in 2012. I thought I was being what the world expected, a logical woman who could make sound decisions. It was the hardest and worst decision I have ever made. The feeling of my soul being ripped into pieces was audible. The hell unleashed in my mind was a never-ending nightmare. I was angry and resentful to my partner, myself and the world at large.

Eventually, I came to see that all of this was because I was dealing with the trauma of losing my baby. It took God seven years to deal with the trauma, the lies and the unforgiveness.

I understood how people must have felt in Bible times when Jesus commanded them to get up and walk, that’s how I felt, like I was touched by Jesus and the nightmare ended. I felt like my old self.

We have been lied to by people who should have our interest at heart, those with a duty of care. People don’t realise the harm they put themselves in, physically and mentally. They need guidance to help navigate away from this dangerous path.'

Jean's journey

'I was born in Singapore, in a 'perfect' looking environment but a much less than perfect one in reality.

There aren’t perfect parents and I did not love God or myself or my child enough to continue being a mother after 6 months. I had a late-term abortion during a sabbatical at the height of my performance career.

I had wanted to keep my child but my family and friends told me I was not good enough, not rich enough, and not ready. I had no husband, I ran away from the abusive father.

I was badly searching for help and despite Christian counselling and prayers after church services, there was no real Christian who told me that God says abortion is killing my child. If only they'd said that I had no choice and that this is the best choice, whatever your circumstances.

Abortion did not solve any of my problems but made them worse. Nothing had prepared me for it despite my physical and mental resilience as a performer. I was utterly broken. Only Jesus’ blood could redeem and heal, and give life in abundance.

There is a real God out there who created you and me… He doesn’t ask us to be perfect... but He does ask us to trust Him with our life and the life of our child. As we do just that, He will do the rest.'


Pascale's journey

I was about 25 years old. My life was chaotic when I found out I was pregnant. The thought of having a baby filled me with fear, so many thoughts going around in my head. I pushed the feelings down and kept telling myself, ‘don’t think…’. My baby was 9 weeks old.

I pushed the feelings down until after I became a Christian. It wasn’t until a couple came to speak to us at church about abortion that I actually opened up to them that I’d had an abortion. That began the process of healing.

I hadn’t realised the impact that the abortion had on my mental health and on me physically. Your story doesn’t have to be like mine, there is HOPE, there is a God who loves you and there are people to talk to, and help. There is a better way…



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