Being a mother brings real change.

Is abortion consequence-free; would your life get back on track?

Many women have immediate relief. Some don't report negative short or long term struggles. Yet, we have met so many women who do.

It's hard to imagine details, but important to think about how you may feel after an abortion.

For example, have you thought about how you might:

  • See yourself? 
  • Relate to others?
  • Respond to God? 


Some women struggle to make sense of their decision afterwards, for example, ' ...I have always loved children'.

Others find some relationships are impacted negatively. A partner that encouraged them to have an abortion they later regretted. Or friends with babies the same age. 

Some women find it difficult to accept God's love and forgiveness, offered to all of us.

Just look up 'I regret my abortion' or 'shout your abortion-regret' online and you will see thousands of women supporting each other. 

Her Truth shares the untold stories of women (and occasionally men) in their own words.

If you are suffering distress after abortion, find friendship with others recovering, and peace and hope in Jesus: Post Abortion Support for Everyone – PASE