A clump of cells?

Some may tell you it's just tissue – but, is this true?

Our aim is to gently use honest language with you. Please see our My baby page.

Your baby is unique, with its own genome (DNA code) – they may be a different sex, ethnicity and blood type to you.

Most pregnancy information talks about 'you and your baby' even from 4 weeks (since LMP*). Can we really say 'it'?

What other word is there?

Embryo—the first 8 weeks of human development from fertilisation—most major body systems begin to form.

It means 'growing within' – alive and not one of your body parts. 

By the end of 7 weeks they have grown fingers and toes.

Fetus—8 weeks and 1 day after fertilisation, to full term—the body grows and its systems begin to function.

Latin for 'unborn offspring' – a small but human being like you.

By the end of 9 weeks they can sigh, yawn and stretch.

What age did you become you?

Embryo, fetus, newborn, infant, toddler, pre-schooler, child, teenager, adult, mid-lifer, senior.  

These all refer to stages of human development – but it’s all the same person, right from the beginning. 

Your baby is tiny but a unique, living, precious human being – just like you. 

Prenatal development facts from The EHD (Endowment for Human Development).

* LMP – last menstrual period.