In England and Wales, since March 2020, abortion providers can post the two pills that induce medical abortion to women under 10 weeks pregnant (since LMP*). If over 9 weeks and 6 days the pills must be taken in a clinic or hospital.

This temporary measure was made permanent in March 2022. The requirement for a face-to-face medical assessment was removed.

For more information see the FAQ below, 'Are at-home abortion pills safe?' and our medical abortion page.

How would you find this?

Many women go through this alone and say they weren't warned enough about common side effects and risks.

Very common physical side-effects include:
  • Bleeding – a normal function of the pill.
  • Pain – typically begins within 3 hours of taking the 2nd pill, once your womb starts contracting (but cramps and pain are possible after the 1st pill). The pain can be very severe.
  • Nausea – can start after the 1st pill itself; the 2nd pill may (in some cases) make it worse. 

BPAS's Treatment Guide states the second pill Misoprostol: 

 '...Causes strong, painful cramps and heavy bleeding... heavy, more than a period, and you may see blood clots (usually smaller than a lemon) or other tissue when you pass the pregnancy.' 

It advises:

' ...Pregnancy remains... can be flushed down the lavatory or wrapped in tissue, placed in a small plastic bag and put in the dustbin.'

  • How might you feel about doing this?
  • How might you feel about your own home afterwards?


* LMP – last menstrual period.