Many say they are – is this true?

Instructions have to be followed exactly – for example, the order and timing of the two different pills.

Usually, there is

  • No ultrasound scan before – to check your baby's gestational age (legal limit) and position (ectopic pregnancy*).
  • No follow-up clinic after – to check the abortion is 'complete' (count that all baby body parts are expelled).


Sometimes, the medication may not work exactly as planned. If a medical abortion is 'incomplete' then a surgical abortion might be required to complete the process. Other complications might also require hospital admission.


It is thought that less than 1-in-5 complications are being reported.

Some UK doctors have warned it's not safe for women.

What do you think about this?

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When the baby develops outside the womb. In extreme circumstances, undiagnosed fallopian tube rupture can put the mother's life at risk.