As with all medical procedures, there are risks involved. The videos of doctors describing abortion procedures they have performed mention some.

Many promoting abortion advise that it is safe with only small risks (especially in early pregnancy).

We are not qualified nor do we intend to give you medical advice on the risks for you personally, but we do encourage you to look into this.

Studies – were you aware?

Many studies raise significant concerns for women (see other FAQ for links). We do not give an opinion as to whether they are medically conclusive or not.

Often they are dismissed, criticised or ignored. However, what is clear is that they highlight serious concerns.

Stories – have you heard?

Additionally, the claims and concerns of post-abortive women are often quickly dismissed. 

We have met so many and are deeply concerned about the impact of abortion on mothers (and fathers).

We encourage you to keep asking questions and make up your own mind.