Some mothers do continue with their education during pregnancy and after giving birth. It would be a challenge, but schools, colleges and universities are now set up to be more flexible and offer support. 

We cannot guarantee what you personally would be entitled to, but we hope this general information makes clear there is help out there. We could help you find out what support might be available for you in your local area.

Support at school

You should be able to have an agreed:

  • Designated adult 
  • Student buddy 

You should be entitled to up to 18 weeks of absence for the time immediately before and after the birth of your baby 

There may be flexibility for you if returning to your school doesn't seem good for you. Some study at home or attend a young mother and baby school.

Support at 6th form/college

After GCSEs up to 18, you can either:

  • Continue in school or college full-time.
  • Do an apprenticeship or traineeship 
  • Work or volunteer  (20+ hours weekly) alongside part-time education or training. 


Support at university

Being pregnant while studying at university would be a challenge and might seem impossible. For some it is, for others it isn’t. Having a baby doesn't always mean you can't delay or finish your studies. 

Your university is likely to offer specific help and some flexibility. We cannot guarantee what you personally would be entitled to, but we could help you find out about national grants/financial support that you might be eligible for.


Wider support 

Making a plan would help you to return to education once your baby is born. 

For example, these are some possibilities: