We know that this is a very sensitive time, with so many questions like this and no one is saying it will be easy. 

We are here to listen and one of the best things will be to talk about how you feel with a close friend or family member. You might be surprised by how supportive they are.

Can you think of someone you know who had a baby young?

No one can tell you exactly how things will work out, and circumstances change. It's so important to start with what you can know – what are the facts?

Kindness includes giving information to mothers about their baby and abortion in the decision-making process.

We encourage you to reflect below – what is your decision really between?


To protect your baby may be a very hard decision. Being a parent is a gift and a wonderful adventure but it can also feel overwhelming.

You may need some creative problem-solving and support, but many come to embrace the joy and the challenge.

If you feel unable to parent your baby after birth, you can arrange for them to be cared for by a loving family. Adoption takes courage. We can help you find out about this process.


Abortion is often spoken about as a normal, natural decision. What do you think – does that seem right? 

Many women tell us that abortion didn't help them. Some say they have thought about their baby every day since.  

We are here to help you access all the support available to you in this difficult time as you protect your little son or daughter.