Whatever ages your children are, if you feel at full capacity it's natural to be overwhelmed by the news that you are pregnant again.

We are here to listen if you need to offload and process your thoughts and find information and support.

Is there some excitement mixed in with all the worries? Have you thought about how you (and all the family) may feel next year or even in 10 years' time?

Your love protects your children. What about this little one? They are part of the family, on the journey with you. Will you soon be unable to imagine life without them?

Every pregnancy and every child is different. You might have less energy and there will be challenges.

There are also benefits of already having children:

  • Older siblings (and wider family) might mean you can take a break when needed
  • You know so much about how to care for your baby
  • You have already come through many challenges as a parent

Can you list:

  • Your concerns (for example finances, stress, housing and health)
  • Those you trust to talk with about this?
  • People who may be able to help you with your challenges?

We understand that all your thoughts may be on the impact of another child on you and your family. Have you considered what the impact of ending the life of this son or daughter might be on you all?

Once complete that is a decision you can never undo.