Having a baby can bring financial demands. Not everyone is aware of the support that might be available.

We cannot guarantee what you personally would be entitled to, but there are different benefits or grants to explore. Whether or not you can claim a benefit depends on your individual situation, for example: whether you are a single parent, employed or unemployed, living alone or with your parents or continuing in education.

Here are some of the benefits and grants that you might be entitled to:

Sure Start Maternity Grant: a one-off payment of £500 which helps towards the cost of having a baby.

Healthy Start: help to buy healthy food and milk.

Child Benefit: a monthly payment as you bring up your child.  

Universal Credit: a monthly payment that helps with living costs. 

We can try to connect you to a local church offering practical support if you would like that.

Also, we can direct you to some of the many organisations that are set up to provide resources, support and helpful information (such as help to plan your budget and to access support).